Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Living Area Transformation {Before & After}

Before the remodel, you can see that there are lots of nooks, arches and walls at different angles. As a result the space feels cramped and cluttered. We had to leave some walls and create a post for structural support, but you'll see the dramatic impact removing a wall can make.
We removed the fireplace to achieve the open concept the client desired. Sometimes removing a fireplace can hurt resale, but not necessarily in Las Vegas, so the client was happy to see it go. So happy she took a hammer to it before the pros took over. :)

Although the photo (below) is taken from the opposite direction of the "before" photo, you can see how much room was gained by knocking down the wall and removing the fireplace.
This is exactly where the dividing wall and fireplace once stood. With it gone, the space feels open and brighter.
We turned what was once the family room (below) in to a stylish dining room and added a dutch door where the existing door is.
Changing the paint from yellow/gold to white played the biggest role in our transformation.
Walls: Benjamin Moore, Swiss Coffee. Trim: Benjamin Moore, Simply White. And yes, we are waiting for the perfect chandelier!
The faux wood tile also played a key roll in the transformation. The herringbone pattern creates interest that a normal straight lay would not.
Next up: The Pantry

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Master Suite Transformation {Before & After}

In the previous post, you were able to see the before & after photos of the kitchen. In my humble opinion, second to the kitchen, the master bedroom is the next most important room in a home. It's where we start our day and where we end our day, so it needs to be a peaceful, restful space. 
We didn't have to make any structural changes to the bedroom, but we wanted it to be more peaceful for this young power couple to come home and relax in after a long hard day at work. We used a muted color palette and lots of soft textiles to create an inviting environment they would look forward to coming home to. We had custom window treatments made with blackout lining and took them to the ceiling to help the 8' ceiling feel higher.
Each bedside table has a tray to help organize the items we like to keep near us at night. Books, reading glasses, phones, etc. By corralling everything in a tray, it keeps the tabletop uncluttered and aesthetically pleasing. We had the electrician hardwire sconces on either side of the bed. The warmth of the brass works perfectly with the other finishes in the room.
A small sitting area in the master bedroom provides a restful place to pull up a book and a cozy blanket to read with.
On to the master bathroom...
Before the master bath felt choppy with his and her vanities across from each other and a tub coming off the window wall. We combined the his and hers vanities and added a claw foot tub along the window wall. We took the shower from the middle of the master closet and put it where the "his" vanity was originally. That gave us a lot more room in the closet and helped the flow of the bathroom. Sometimes smart space planning is all that is needed to completely transform a room. 

Next Up: The Family & Dining Rooms

Friday, December 9, 2016

*UPDATED* Kitchen Transformation {Before & After}

I had the opportunity to work on a major remodel in Las Vegas this past year. This was the second home I had the pleasure of working with this client on. They had outgrown their existing home and needed an upgrade. The new home had an amazing yard, pool and casita, but it lacked personality and style. So I got to work developing a floor plan that was functional for their family of four. She loves to cook and so some of our biggest changes came in at the kitchen.
We reconfigured the island, gave it a waterfall edge, added some Kelly Wearstler pendants and switched out the granite for quartz. She wanted blue cabinets and I think these Benjamin Moore, Midnight Blue cabinets turned out stunning with the brass hardware. We made another dramatic change by turning the adjacent bedroom into a walk-in panty and added a swinging door (white/glass door on right side of photo). We took out the laminate flooring and used a faux wood tile and laid it in a herringbone pattern.
 Looking into pantry from kitchen. The swinging pantry door can also be pushed in the open position for heavy traffic days.
One of my pet peeves is having a lot of small appliances plugged in all over the counters and distracting from the beauty of the kitchen. To solve this, we took the upper cabinets to the countertop and hinged the cabinet to lift up to access appliances that need to be plugged in.
Sometimes it can be tempting to style a kitchen with too many items and the end result is a cluttered mess. Display things that are beautiful AND functional. Give your eyes a place to rest. Keep it simple and like in the photo below, add natural elements to give warmth and texture to the space.
Next Up: The Master Suite

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

How to: Style Your Home {Before & After}

Often when your done moving into your new home, you’re so tired from unpacking, that you have no energy to think about putting the final finishing touches in the house. I wanted to share with you some "before & after" photos of a home I recently designed. The “before” photos aren’t bad, the house was built to our design specifications and looks nice, but you’ll see it’s missing those finishing touches that give a home it’s warmth and personality.

In the kitchen, we used beautiful Carrara marble on all the countertops and carried the stone backsplash to the ceiling for a more custom look. Although beautiful, it somehow feels stark and cold. The mix matched bowls and pottery in the cabinet and niches are a distraction to the space.

*In the descriptions of the photos below, I bolded some key elements for styling your home.

Kitchen {BEFORE}:

{AFTER}: We wanted to bring wood pieces into the kitchen to add warmth and a “rough” element to off set the polished marble, stainless steel, and brushed nickel hardware. Fresh flowers in the windows and niches add symmetry and softness to the room. We replaced the mix matched dishes with all white dinnerware that the client already had.
Different shapes, materials, and colors add visual interest to the room.
I realize you might not stage your home with lemon Pellegrino bottles, but a wooden bowl filled with lemons or apples will add a little pop of color to your countertop.

Master bathroom {BEFORE}:
I wish I had a picture before we added the reclaimed wood planking to the back wall. It was stark and cold. The reclaimed wood was a great way to add texture and warm up the space. 

Master bathroom {AFTER}:
We exchanged the all white towels with ones that had a band of grey and fringe at the bottom. The bathroom is large, so we broke up the expansive tile with a jute rug, replacing the small white mat. We added a potted plant and seagrass baskets to bring more natural elements into the space and add more texture. These items are all relatively inexpensive, but make a big impact on the space.

Her vanity {BEFORE}:

Her vanity {AFTER}:
Don’t be afraid to mix metals. The brass accents look right at home with the brushed nickel hardware and plumbing fixtures.

A tray is a great way to corral the items on your countertop. The brass accents add color and visual interest on the white marble.

You can’t go wrong with fresh flowers and pretty packaging.

Entry {BEFORE}:
This lonely entry table, although beautiful, needed some life.

Entry {AFTER}:
The white vase pulls out the bone inlay of the chest and is perfect to hold the cherry blossom branches. The cherry blossoms give height and life to the entry. Stacking books is a great way to add height to objects you want to display as well as some color. 
Here are some links to the items I used.

1.{similar}||  2. ||  3. ||  4. ||  5.  ||  6. || 7. || 8. ||  9. {similar} ||  10. || 11. || 12.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

House Tour Part 2, Master Bath

The focal point of the bathroom is the tub and wood planked wall. The wood brings warmth and texture to space. It plays beautifully off the polished marble and brings another natural element into the room. The black and white “his” and “her” prints add a fun touch to the space. 
A tray is a great way to contain items that would normally just clutter up the countertop. Fresh flowers to greet you in the morning is always a plus!
Pretty packaging makes all the difference. These lotion and soap dispensers (from Cost Plus World Market) were not much more than the less attractive dispensers you find at other stores. 


Monday, March 28, 2016

House Tour Part 1

I recently had the opportunity to work on a new build in Las Vegas. I worked with the clients to select  the finishes and then had the pleasure to furnish and style the home. I want to share some of the photos with you {photography by the ├╝ber talented Jennie Slade}.

Let’s start in the kitchen.
Light and bright was the order of the day. White cabinetry, Carrara marble countertops and backsplash contrast nicely with the wood floors, dark stained island and attached kitchen table.
Carrara marble tiles (4x12”) in an offset pattern add visual interest to the back wall. We carried the tile to the ceiling, creating a more seamless, custom look.
Mr. Grinch keeps a watchful eye on the homeowners and provides a playfulness to the space.

The entry:
We didn’t want to block the view of the beautiful pool you see when you first walk into the home, so we chose low profile chairs and a simple accent table.
Shouldn’t every house have a sequence pillow made from shells?
 A simple, but elegant entry table with bone inlay.
The dining room is just off the entry and next on our tour.
Simple yet refined was requested for the dining room. {Still searching for the perfect art pieces to go on either side of the hutch}.
White pottery and wood accent pieces fill the hutch.
 To be continued....

Friday, December 25, 2015