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If you missed Part I, click {here}.
You’ve found your home and signed the contract. Now it’s time for the fun stuff, marble, tile, faucets, paint, etc. But wait...there are some other decisions that will need to come first that might not be quite as fun, but are very necessary. These are your STRUCTURAL options. That means anything that will affect your underground utilities (i.e. gas, water, electric) or framing. That way when they pour your foundation they have already placed the proper lines to their desired location.

Your builder should sit down with you and walk you through the selections, but ask for a copy of selections ahead of time, so you’re prepared when you meet to make the final decisions.
Here are some examples of the decisions that builders will need to know before they pour the foundation.

1. Do you want any floor outlets? Many people will put them in the family room/living room, so that a table lamp next to the sofa doesn’t have to be plugged into the wall via an extension cord. In the photo below there is probably an outlet placed under the sofa where the cords are easily hidden.

2. Gas or Electric stovetop?

3. Gas or Electric dryer?
4. Do you want a fireplace, if that’s an option? If yes, do you want a gas or wood burning {below}?
5. Would you like to add any soffits or tray ceilings {below} in your home?

6. Do you want to add any windows or make changes to any existing windows, size, etc?
7. Will they allow you to make any changes to the floor plan? For example, we turned an unnecessary back hallway into an extra closet.
8. Do you want to add a sink to the laundry room?
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These are some of the decisions you need to be prepared to tell your builder pretty early on in the building phase.
Part III of the Building 101 phase will be when we get to the fun stuff!

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