Monday, June 29, 2015

Alt Summit: Summer 2015 Recap {Part2}

Part 2 of my Alt Summit Summer 2105 Recap begins with a panel of lovely ladies (from left) Leanne Johnson (House of Hauteness), Cassandra LaVelle (coco + kelley), Nicole Balch (Making it Lovely) and Laurie Smithwick (Step away from the screen and make something!). {Click here if you missed Part 1}

Their panel discussion was titled, Community Building.
I would like to start with what Cassandra, of coco + kelley discussed.
Key Points:
*She started hosting a Supper Club. A seasonal event that feeds her passion for food, while connecting with new people and supporting other talented friends.
*She hosts events at her studio (art walk, workshops, pop-ups, etc.) in an effort to connect online businesses, artists, etc. to the real-world.
*By reaching out to her community and going “offline,” she has made new friendships and opened new opportunities.

In my humble opinion: I don’t think it’s necessary to have a blog or business to reach out to those around us in an effort to build a community. Get to know those in your neighborhood. Find common interests, even if it’s just the love of a good meal and good conversation.
One more from this panel, Laurie Smithwick. She started a project called, “Step Away from the Screen and MAKE SOMETHING!”
Key Points:
*Screens drain energy.
*Make a sign so you can remind yourself to get away from the screen!
*She challenged herself to make 12 things in 12 months.
*Get friends involved in a challenge so you can encourage and cheer each other on.
*People want to help you be successful.

Next up, the lovely Whitney English. She spoke about Organization & Productivity. She has been working with Day Designer on their beautiful new line of planners and calendars, available July 12th at Target (below right).
Here are some of her Key Points:
*Get what you have to do out of your head and onto paper
*Take care of yourself first, no one else will! Recognize your needs.
*Do what you’re supposed to do and forget the rest of it!
*It’s okay to say “no” to projects/people.
*If you wake up with no motivation, force yourself to do one thing. Check it off and go to the next.

Finally, Time vs. Energy by Miranda Anderson of One Little Minute. I really loved her advice. As a mother and business owner, I really needed to hear it. 
Key Points:
*Time is external and finite.
*Energy is internal and renewable.
*It’s okay to walk away for a few minutes to take a break or do something else and then go back. It’s proven to helpful for our brains to take a break and come back to it. 
*What are your Golden Energy hours? When do you have the most drive and energy. Do the hard stuff during that time. 
*Not everything is important! 
*Schedule yourself a regular recharge. For Miranda, she has a sitter come 12-2pm, twice a week during the summer months. If your feeling your battery running low, STOP and recharge! Even just 5 minutes. Go outside, get some fresh air, anything. 
*Take care of yourself:
     Physical- exercise, nutrition, sleep
     Mental- focus, no multi-tasking
     Emotional- breathe! connect by disconnecting, create
     Spiritual- align with your values. Do the things you’re doing align with core values?

**UPDATE- Miranda has put her ALT presentation online! Click {here} to go to her site.

I learned so much at Alt. It motivated me to make changes in my life and business. Most importantly for me, I was surrounded by amazing, talented and smart men and women who were there to learn and many who also taught. I made friends that I will stay in contact with for years to come. 

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